Marooned (Part 3)

Marooned (Part 3) was launched in June 2019, following Marooned (Part 1) in April and Marooned (Part 2) in May the same year. Part 3 acted as the closing chapter of the Marooned storyline, which was the catalyst for a number of separate Macroverse stories focusing on the Malayan Rangers, and crew of the UNES Tigris in separate story arcs – in their separate adventures subsequent to the events that occurred in the Marooned story. Various other separate (but connected) story arcs also commenced after the events of Marooned (Part 3).

For the first time, a page from the content of a graphic novel was taken and used as the cover of the title. A panel illustrating the two warring factions, the United Nations of Earth (“UNE”) and Mars Administrative Corporation (“MAC”) preparing for armed conflict, was used as the cover for Marooned (Part 3).

As with Marooned (Part 2), Part 3 had allocated only 3 pages of advertising space, to allow for more content. Also for the first time, the Unity Macroverse had included an advertisement from an independent rock band from Singapore in a graphic novel publication.

Title : Marooned (Part 3)
Pages (including cover) : 32
Print Size : A4
Print Volume : 100
Included : UNES Mekong model part (rear wing & engine section)
Released : June 2019
Reprints: None
Future Reprints : Forbidden

Illustrator & Colourist : Jonathan Lian Garawat / Indra Qirana A. Halim / Mohd Nor Azzimi Sohedein / Ahmad Kamal Bukhari Nor Aslan