Marooned (Part 2)

Marooned (Part 2) was released a month after Marooned (Part 1) in May 2019. Its cover was graced by the Malayan Rangers, an elite military group crucial to the Marooned storyline. The cover also includes illustrations of the Lubok Antu (Rangers Dropship) and Matsukaze (Rangers Mechanized Heavy Infantry Support Vehicle / “Mech”).

For Part 2, the total number of advertisement pages was reduced to 3, (from a total of 7 in Part 1) to make room for more content. Two of the advertisers in Marooned (Part 2) have become Unity Macroverse Retail Partners. The total number of pages in Part 2 were also increased to 32.

Title : Marooned (Part 2)
Pages (including cover) : 32
Print Size : A4
Print Volume : 100
Included : UNES Mekong model part (middle bay section)
Released : May 2019
Reprints: None
Future Reprints : Forbidden

Illustrator & Colourist : M. Fahmy M. Hashim & M.F. Mohd Rajif. Cover by Azari Mat Yasir

Marooned (Part 2) was followed by Marooned (Part 3) in May 2019