Marooned (Part 1)

The Marooned story originated as a general story idea by an intern at E.S.A, and was subsequently expanded and fleshed out into a full-blown story by the team at E.S.A. Meaning to act as an “introduction” to Marooned, being the initial story within the Unity Macroverse – the story was split into 3 “bite-sized parts”, with Marooned (Part 1) being created and only consisting of a total of 24 pages (including cover). The UNES Tigris is featured on the cover of Marooned (Part 1), together with Captain Olivia Chu and the rest of the Tigris crew.

In fulfilling the objective of promoting local small and microbusinesses from within the community by securing involvement – Marooned (Part 1) included a total of 7 pages of space dedicated to advertising. A total of 14 advertisers signed up and included their ads in Marooned (Part 1), which included a board game cafe, camping site operator, printing service provider, record store, 2 NGOs, 2 colleges, a collectibles museum, a board game developer, and a number of others. Five of these businesses have as to date, become Unity Macroverse retail partners, carrying Unity Macroverse titles and merchandise to sell to their customers.

Marooned (Part 1) was printed on thick, glossy paper and included a separately carded component of the UNES Mekong. As the “maiden story” to introduce the Unity Macroverse, Marooned (parts 1 to 3) were issued in this “semi-premium” collectible format.

Title : Marooned (Part 1)
Pages (including cover) : 24
Print Size : A4
Print Volume : 100
Included : UNES Mekong model part (front cockpit)
Released : April 2019
Reprints: None
Future Reprints : Forbidden

Story concept : Tan Jian Hong
Illustrator & Colourist : Azari Mat Yasir & M. Fahmy M. Hashim

Marooned (Part 1) was followed by Marooned (Part 2) in May 2019