The “Drifters” storyline is from the perspective of a family caught up in unexpected events (first revealed in Journey's End (Part 1)) leading up to the civil war between the UNE (United Nations of Earth) and the MAC (Mars Administrative Corporation) as expanded through the Fog Of War (Part 1) storyline.

Drifters is the first Unity Macroverse publication to include product placements in the form of artworks by children from Gibran Visual Art Studio, an art studio in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia – that is special needs-friendly. These drawings are included within the comic panels on the 5th page of the graphic novel.

Publication Number : #7
Title : Drifters(#1 Drifters)
Pages (including cover) : 24
Print Size : A4
Print Volume : 100
Released : October 2019
Reprints: None
Illustrator & Colourist : Ahmad Kamil Bukhari Nor Aslan