Specialist “Tank”

From Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, Malaya. Mech Driver and Heavy Weapons Support Specialist for ground operations.  Perfectionist and borderline OCD, his fragile temper masks his keen eye for details and ever the consummate planner prepares his “baby” for any eventuality before any mission.  His “prep” makes his “Tank” one-of-a-kind in the Service.  Not much is known about Tank, but his fervour and belief in his duty is second to none.

First appeared in “Tank : A Unity Macroverse Micro Story” and subsequently Marooned (Part 2).

“Tank : A Unity Macroverse Micro Story” is the first instance of Macroverse advertising through short videos – of which, the independent band “The Outbreak” utilized its track “Beyond Our Faith” in the video. This video was a proof of concept for in-media community-level advertising that the Unity Macroverse would be using for future community content development, and had attracted a Singaporean rock band to advertise in Marooned (Part 3).

In the Tank video, the lead character was played by Wan Muhammad Shahruddin (also known as “Adam John”) who had a number of local acting stints in Malaysia which included primary roles for film and television.