Hello UNITEERS!! We have decided to bring to you our UNITY Stories in Audiobook Readthrough format. This is a new branch of our product range which we hope should be able to give you additional depth of the UNITY Story. This is the result of our continuous engagement with our UNITEERS through our numerous touchpoints. It was through these touchpoints that we decided to proceed with the deployment of this activity.

We were asked numerous times by our Readers on whether we could add another dimension to our stories. Many discussions followed and we decided to create an Audiobook Readthrough however with a difference. We would keep the stories to 5 minute snippets. The intention is to give the reader a smaller and shorter snippet without having to bookmark it and returning to it later. Hence, the Audiobook Readthrough.

So now we welcome you to our UNITY Macroverse Story Free Audiobook Series Readthrough section. This is the place for you to enjoy the UNITY Macroverse Stories in Audio!!. That’s right!! listening instead of reading it. Enjoy it while you are commuting or just have several minutes to spare, plug in your earphones and you are good to go!! We will bring snippets in 5 minute parts for you to enjoy our selected titles periodically. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!! here to ensure you don’t miss the readthrough series. Each title comes with a minimum of four 5 minute videos. We will progressively add additional Audiobook Readthroughs so please come back to check on the latest.

For the sake of reference the links to each title to view their synopsis are HERE!!

Don’t forget, you can still get a physical copy of the stories HERE!!