Alongside storytellers … creators and makers are at the heart of the Unity Macroverse! Being a Community-Centric Development Platform, the Unity Macroverse has incorporated the works of many different creators and makers into its publications.

When the graphic novel “Marooned” was first developed (with the baseline story idea coming from a 2nd year Biotechnology student), we engaged different illustrators for each part of the Marooned story (parts 1, 2, and 3 respectively). Marooned’s illustrators included a lecturer, a graphics designer, and even a Grab driver! 

The subsequent graphic novels were then illustrated by various different artists, with some returning for follow-up titles further down the timeline.

The Unity Macroverse community had also benefited significantly from the input of 3D designers and modelmakers in creating ships, vehicles, and other structures utilized within the various interrelated stories. Some of these creations have also been “brought into the real world” through 3D printing, forming the play pieces of a Tabletop Wargame, and even as standalone collectible scaled models replicas.