Unity Macroverse for Students & Educators

The Unity Macroverse is an exciting “live, real-world case study” for students and educators, not only in the area of creative content development, but also community marketing and other related fields of study.

In addition to organizing knowledge sharing sessions through talks at local institutions of higher learning, the Unity Macroverse team has also been involved in utilizing the platform as part of course materials for the Marketing Management programme at Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (“UniRazak”) recently.

We went through and guided students in developing their marketing plan proposals, using the Unity Macroverse as the intended offering to the market. From this engagement, which was conducted primarily online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, together with the students, among others we had :-

1. Developed a new product line focused at a new, expanded target market.
2. Explored additional online sales and marketing channels.
3. Developed plans for activities and events (pending COVID-19 restrictions being lifted).

All in all, it was a unique experience for the students – to be given direct access to, and involvement in using a real-world live and evolving offering – to learn about markets, demand, supply, and business in general.

Anything For Younger, School-Going Students?

Absolutely! We have made adaptations of popular Micro and Mini Stories, into “online audio books” which we have placed publicly on YouTube. There are also some audio books based on our Short Stories too. These audiobooks can help guide younger students through audible intonations and pronunciations, all within the context of the story being read. Check them out here.

In addition to this, writings and artwork from children are also accepted and incorporated into the Unity Macroverse through the Children’s Titles and our Kids-For-Kids Programme, which also includes works from special needs children!

Get in touch with us if you’d like to explore learning and educating opportunies jointly with the Unity Macroverse!