Short Stories

Short stories consists of multiple micro stories combined together into a complete book.

#1 - Rembau

“Rembau” tells the origin story of Commander Zulkifli “Jo’ Hasan of the UNES Tigris.  Rembau takes you back to “Jo’s” childhood with his intrepid gang in his hometown.

#2 - Home

Offworld terrorism within the UNITY Macroverse backdrop.  Where does it originate and why are there terrorism activity in the UNITY Macroverse?  How is it uncovered?

#3 - School Run

How do you determine “Gifted” or “Special” humans, more so when they are children. Follow the story of how these are determined through ‘Evaluation Day”.

#4 - Rembau

A mysterious, lethal outbreak is first discovered in Sik, Malay Peninsular, in the 1950s. A strange illness erupts on Mars more than a century later. Are they related?

#5 - ROGER

ROGER Short Story #5 is set before the Marooned Trilogy.  It explains the many circumstances leading up to the event at Ganymede in Marooned.