Welcome to the Unity Sci-Fi Short Story Store!! UNITY Short Stories are the final form which originates from our Microstories and Mini’s.

  1. Microstory : 500 words maximum per book and sold at RM2.50
  2. Ministory : Which is about 1500 to 2000 word minibook sold at RM12.00

The Unity Macroverse community assists budding story tellers to begin their journey with the community through the Micros.  This process will be guided to ensure that the content is sufficiently within the environment and context of the Unity canvas.  We continue to guide and assist the story teller when their micros grow as well as the community following. All through the process, Unity will always be there to assist.

The upgrades are generally based on the popularity of the titles.  UNITY is built on contributions from our Community and the progression from Micros upwards is to enable storytellers to prepare themselves for a wider market. Come and immerse yourself in the story canvas through our Unity Macroverse Sci-Fi Short Story.

Short Story #1

Rembau Malaysian Sci-fi Short Story
“Rembau” tells the origin story of Commander Zulkifli “Jo’ Hasan of the UNES Tigris.  Rembau takes you back to “Jo’s” childhood with his intrepid gang in his hometown.

Short Story #2

Home Malaysian Sci-Fi Short Story

Offworld terrorism within the UNITY Macroverse backdrop.  Where does it originate and why are there terrorism activity in the UNITY Macroverse?  How is it uncovered?

Short Story #3

School Run Malaysian Sci-Fi Short Story

How do you determine “Gifted” or “Special” humans, more so when they are children. Follow the story of how these are determined through ‘Evaluation Day”.

Short Story #4

Sik Malaysian Sci-Fi Short Story

A mysterious, lethal outbreak is first discovered in Sik, Malay Peninsular, in the 1950s. A strange illness erupts on Mars more than a century later. Are they related?

Short Story #5

Roger Malaysian Sci-Fi Story

ROGER Short Story #5 is set before the Marooned Trilogy.  It explains the many circumstances leading up to the event at Ganymede in Marooned.

Short Story #6

evelations Malaysian Sci-Fi Short Story

Picking up from where the “Sik” Short Story left off, a series of occurrences on Earth bring a hidden truth to surface.

Short Story #7

Traders Malaysian Sci-Fi Short Story

All is not well in the Commonwealth of the United Nations of Earth, as its unity is being tested. A shadowy community that has been around for a while now, has finally made its move. How does this impact the overall landscape and humanity’s desire to move forward together?

Short Story #8

Rembau 2 Malaysian Sci-Fi Short Stories

Jo’s adventures as a pre-teen continues! While he gets ready to embark on “a new life”, his relationship with “the geng” strains. Meanwhile, James, his homedrone – struggles to understand the nuances of human behaviour. Pakcik Jamal reveals “something cool” to the gang before Jo departs. How will all this play out in the overarching Unity Macroverse story canvas? Grab a copy of “Rembau Part Two” and find out! 🙂

Short Story #9

Malaysian Sci-fi Short Story Abadi

A man who has lived for a very long time, makes his way home to Earth to find that things have changed significantly. He needs to get things in order to go up against a secret force that is determined to wipe out humanity ….

Short Story #10
HOME Part 2

Malaysian Sci-Fi Short Story Home 2

The mystery continues as the main players are all brought into the cauldron via different locations with different motives. The thriller-mystery spans multiple worlds and multiple facilities strewn across the System.

Old beliefs of hatred and purity of purpose begin to show through the tracking of the source of this mystery. Our characters are inexorably mired into this dangerous mix in a System coalescing into definite cultural and belief divisions.

Will the intrepid investigators and agents find and stop the spread, or will the expansion be beyond their ability to contain?

Short Story #11
“TRADERS : The Chronicles of Constance Kiara”

UNITY Macroverse Short Story #11 Traders Chronicles of Constance Kiara

A young woman recently graduates from the highly esteemed Kiara Biodiversity Institute and is to be posted at the Levant Homestead under the Terraforming Unit of the Science Corp – United Nations of Earth.

However, she has other plans …….

Short Story #12
“TRADERS : Part 2”

Unity Macroverse Short Story 12 Traders Part 2

The Traders who had ‘jumped’ had begun to coalesce into a large agglomeration of different interest groups and communities strewn across the ‘Belt’. Their influence had reached beyond their intended objective.

Now, with tensions rising between the two large Factions dominating the politics of the System, the Traders find themselves trapped between the need to stay in the background or to emerge as another faction for control and dominance of the System.

What will they decide?

Short Story #13
“TRADERS : Candidate”

Unity Macroverse Short Story 13 Traders Candidate

A brilliant and cocksure young Senior Engineer Candidate is about to graduate from the highly esteemed Kiara Biodiversity Institute and prepares for what he thinks is his Assignment Placement Interview. He is hiding a little secret from the powers that be – and intends to join up with the person that identified and “recruited” him for “a little diversion” to an alternate location off-world – a young lady known as “Constance Kiara”

Short Story #14
“TRADERS : Terminus”

Unity Macroverse Short Story 14 Traders Terminus

A Specialist renowned for his work on rehabilitating massive systems, sees his expertise tested in the realm of uncertainties of Weather Management in Malaya. The runaway Weather patterns are gravely beyond management. The tropical paradise of Malaya could be in for a deluge of strange weather patterns which could result in catastrophes. Our specialist and his team from the Terminus are sent to investigate and solve the mystery.