The Unity Macroverse canvas was first and foremost, built by “die hard science fiction fans”! Being set in a future timeline alternate to the one we’ve living in, the Unity Macroverse explores the endless “what if” possibilities, similar to that of classic science fiction stories and epics already out there, however with a more “Asian twist”.

The “space-time continuum”, “dark matter”, “faster-than-light travel”, “artificial intelligence”, and “highly evolved human capabilities” are just among the things you’ll find being covered or mentioned throughout the Unity Macroverse.

And of course, at the heart of any significant story canvas, regardless of genre… would be the “human condition”. This explores self-discovery, coming-of-age, ideological and political conflict, interpersonal relationships, and the evolution of the humanity

As the Unity Macroverse is constantly growing based on community participation and input, you as a sci-fi fan can also chip in and make your mark in the Macroverse by sharing stories of your own! This usually starts in the form of Micro Stories, which consist of approximately 500 words, accompanied by basic line-art style illustrations.

Where Do I Start Exploring?

Marooned 2nd Ed Malaysian Sci-Fi StoryThe best place to start exploring the Unity Macroverse would be through the first story and graphic novel published in 2019 entitled “Marooned” which originated as a 3-part comic, now in a single compilation volume. It is the “prologue” to “Chapter One” of the story canvas entitled “First Contact”. Events from “Marooned” then spins-off into 5 branches, telling separate yet related stories from different perspectives.

Are There Stories In Formats Other Than Comics?

Yes there are! In opening up the Unity Macroverse canvas for communities to participate, we have introduced Micro and Mini stories, which come from readers and science fiction fans just like yourself! Stories which get good response from the community are usually expanded further to evolve into Short Stories, which are mostly “literature heavy” with visuals only accompanying the pages as mere backgrounds. 

We are currently in the process of novelizing “Marooned”, along with a number of Short Stories which precede it.

How Do I Start Contributing Stories To Be Incorporated Into The Unity Macroverse?

After obtaining a copy of Marooned and a number of prequel/origin stories (in Short Story format) as well as subsequent graphic novels – you would have a broad enough general idea of where the overall story arc is heading. With this, you should be good to go in creating and submitting your first Micro Story to be incorporated into the Macroverse. To find out more, click here.