Children are the source of endless imagination and wonder, and often inspire us in many more ways than we consciously realize!  In catering for children, the Unity Macroverse also includes a collection of Children’s Stories… many being in Micro Story format. 

A number of these Micro Stories have been compiled into Children’s Collection Volumes, presented in a higher-quality print format. 

By Kids, For Kids

While some stories are created by adults from the community targeted at kids, we are pleased to observe an increasing trend where kids themselves, are writing for kids! With this we have launched a “Kids-For-Kids Programme” to encourage children to start exploring storytelling.


Children with special needs are not excluded from participating in the Unity Macroverse! We are extremely proud of the creations of special needs kids participating with us! From “Battle With The Kris” to “The Alien Attacker”, we are continuing to incorporate stories and artworks from children with special needs into the Macroverse.