UNITY Macroverse as a community of storytellers, grows it’s canvas through contributions from among their members. Publishing these stories in their timeslots continues to be challenging. However, curation as with our other Story-telling activities is driven by the main story arc of the UNITY Macroverse which is represented by the Graphic Novel line. These are then intersped with our Short Stories to bring more dimension to the canvas. The flow of our story are multi-dimensional as stories continue to come in.

The UNITY canvas that is presented has been refined in groupings of Chapters, which in effect takes a period of one calendar year. At the time of writing we are currently at the tail end of Chapter Two of the Marooned Saga. The numerous story branches has begun to be more distinct especially in the introduction of new characters, further development of current ones and expansion of existing and new plots.

In order to fully immerse yourself into the UNITY Story Canvas we have put together the UNITY Subscriber Packs. Which you will receive one pack every month. These are presented below :


To begin your journey it is best to understand our alternate universe canvas, a short write up can be found HERE!!!  After going through the canvas background, we would recommend that you acquire two of the first stories to jumpstart your journey. These two as shown in the UNITY Reading Order – Chapter One is as follows :

  1. UNITY Short Story #5 – ROGER
  2. UNITY Graphic Novel #1-#3 – Marooned Compilation

Once you have readthrough the first two, continue by acquiring the rest as per the illustration above. Enjoy your journey into the Macroverse.


, or if you’ve already obtained a copy…. submit your story ideas for your own MicroStory to potentially become part of the growing Macroverse!

And yes… in the true spirit of joint community development, royalties are included!

Watch the video to give you an idea on how you can put together your submission for us.  It isn’t difficult.  Join us and earn while being a part of a growing community!!

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