Get on-board and get started with the Unity Macroverse by obtaining a copy of the Marooned graphic novel compilation (parts 1 to 3) , which provides an insight into the current state of the universe! If you want more information about the universe,  Click Here!! Grab a few Microstories as well! This would be an ideal starting point to determine whether you’d like to continue with the subsequent concurrent stories unfolding in the Journey’s End, Fog of War, Retribution, Drifters, and Awakening series – or even start creating your own MicroStories before the happenings in Marooned!


Simply get in touch with us at or meet us at Amcorp Mall on weekends to obtain a copy of Marooned, sign up as a subscriber (automatically receive latest publications by mail… on a month’s credit!), or if you’ve already obtained a copy…. submit your story ideas for your own MicroStory to potentially become part of the growing Macroverse!

And yes… in the true spirit of joint community development, royalties are included!

Watch the video to give you an idea on how you can put together your submission for us.  It isn’t difficult.  Join us and earn while being a part of a growing community!!