MACs Chavez

The most versatile of its Fleet assets, the MACs Shenandoah Class of Destroyer are utilised in many different roles. There are many differing points of view with regards to the source of the design of this class of warship. The core design philosophy very closely follows the UNE Kirin Class Destroyers. This suspicion is further reinforced by the launch of this class a mere month after the introduction of the UNE’s Kirin Class in 2342 AD. There were however,different elements added into the design especially to increase its durability in escort and protection duty in the Outer Solar System Territories.

Initially designed to complement the UNE Destroyer class, it became a class of its own after the formation of the MACs own defense fleet. As political ties between the UNE and MAC became untenable, the Shenandoah Class and its other sister classes began developing unique loadouts and variants to factor into the tough and hostile environment around Jupiter and the other Outer Planets. Many additional assets were introduced into its varied function and roles, even deploying a contingent of MAC Marines on board.

The Chavez, commissioned in 2342 AD was introduced in a fleet rearmament exercise in a bid to ensure parity with the UNEs Fleet updates. Chavez and Castro were added to keep pace with the introduction of other UNE warships. What initially began as a parity exercise eventually became and all out arms race.

A lot of expectations were placed on the Chavez as the MAC began showcasing the vessel as a prestige exercise rather than its combat prowess. This however changed with its involvement in numerous MAC fleet action before and during the Battle of Canton.