Being a Community-Centric initiative, the Unity Macroverse celebrates and supports local businesses, especially microbusinesses and freelancers – more so in times of this challenging “new normal” that we are living in.

Published Presence & Online Community Store

From the get-go, we have provided an easy and affordable avenue for small and microbusinesses to “eternalize” their offerings within our publications (many being collectible!) in the form of advertisements, from as low as only RM25! As we grow the community, we also incorporate such participants where relevant, into the development and production processes of our publications and merchandise, as well on as our online community store,

Retail Opportunities

As the Unity Macroverse is considerably still in its infancy, much of our effective outreach is through physical presence, where our initiative and overall programme is explained in person, which is the best way to get the message across. With this, we encourage small traders and freelancers to participate with us as retailers of our products. If you’re a reader and fan of Unity Macroverse publications, you’re actually the best candidate to spread the word and grow the community! 

Placements & Presence

Larger and more established businesses are more than welcomed to participate and engage with our growing community and market, through sponsorship and other avenues such as placements and presence, even within the story canvas itself! 

We are also open to collaborations in creating customized community marketing platforms in approaching and engaging targeted markets.

NGOs and Causes

We have developed a good working relationship with Persatuan Untuk Anak Kita (“PUAK”), a local Malaysian children’s empowerment NGO championed by dedicated activists who are tireless in their cause. To date, we have jointly published a series of Children’s Collection publications, and also co-organized children-centric events and activities, which include contests and competitions to encourage children to read and write. Other activities are also planned for further engagement with children, and will be done in collaboration with our other relevant community partners.

As long as there is mutual benefit for all communities involved, we will always remain open to collaborations with NGOs and groups in creating meaningful activities to help champion their causes!