The Unity Macroverse “Armada” Vehicle Collection brings the vehicles from the macroverse to life, from the graphic novels and microstories, into your hands!

There are a number of different Armada ranges to collect, namely :-

  1. “Carded” : Small / standard vehicle models mounted onto a card, secured by a blister pack. Included with the carded Armada vehicles are Collectible Cards which are usable with Unity Macroverse board games.
  2. “Boxed” : Medium-sized vehicles in windowed box.
  3. “Premium” : Large-sized vehicles in a windowed box. Mostly includes articulation where applicable to the vehicle’s design. Limited quantities produced.

All Unity Macroverse Armada vehicles are 3D Printed from source files designed and created by community members. Each is model hand-painted and detailed manually.