UNITY launches the FIRST CONTACT Series!!

Hello UNITEERS we have been busy these past two months ramping up for our next phase for UNITY. We had planned previously to introduce this phase upon completion of Chapter Four. However, we decided to launch it sooner as most of our subscribers were already catching up on Chapter Two.

So, what are we talking about?? Well what we did was to re-consolidate the stories into a SAGA, meaning a series and where we novelized the stories.

We have named the SAGA as ‘First Contact’. We had placed First Contact throughout our postings on this site as well as our Socmedia platform before but never explained what it was.

Essentially what we did was to amalgamate our Recommended Reading Order into a seamless story experience. Each of the Chapters were converted into Books. Hence Book 1 was launched as “Marooned : An Asian Alternate-History Science Fiction Saga”

Book 1 was an amalgamation of  the ROGER shorts and Marooned 1, 2 & 3. It talks about the Ganymede incident in more details and the characters are reintroduced to be given more depth. There are additional new plot twists within Book 1, intended to prepare for the flow into Book 2 which was recently launched.

Book 1 was rewritten with a total off 40,000 plus wordcount and is available in Paperback with 220 pages and in eBook format. Both are available on Amazon kindle store. 

UNITY Macroverse First Contact paperback

We are on Amazon kindle and kindle unlimited here is the link to

Book 1 : Book 1 : Marooned 

Book 2 : Book 2 : Journey’s End 

If you are unable to access or order from these sites please contact us via email of by clicking the whatsapp button. We are eager to hear from you. Until the next update, be safe!!