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What are the reasons for anyone to want to create and write a story?

For some, they just want to create something for the pleasure and enjoyment of others. It usually is about, “I want to try my hand at writing a book or story”, which is usually followed by, “I want to do it well so that people will enjoy reading it”.

Some want to do it because there is a story inside their heart and mind that they have been wanting to share. There are those who feel that they really need to tell a particular story, sometimes based on events that really happened, that they feel people and the world should know about. 

And there are some, for whom it is their ambition to be an accomplished professional writer.  And among these, there are those whose aim is to make it big and live on passive income after they have gotten their big break.  To be like Stephen King and JK Rowling from the financial and wealth aspects.


Stephen King & J.K. Rowling – two highly accomplished fiction writers who have become wealthy from their best-selling works. Why did they write their stories?

One does not have to be exclusively of this or that type of writer. It can be a combination of these driving factors that makes a person to take up writing and into storytelling and there is no right or wrong about it.


If you are a Uniteer (a subscriber or follower of Unity Macroverse stories), and feel that you want to try your hand at writing a story, you should be able to get an easier start.  These guys have created a ready “story canvas” that you can use as a backdrop to your story, which is an alternate reality that is set in the 24th century but with a timeline than can go back centuries in history.

The great sci-fi and fantasy fictional epics of “Dune” (Frank Herbert), “Foundation” (Issac Asimov) and “The Lord of the Rings” (JRR Tolkien) have such vast story canvasses that encompass worlds and galaxies, cultures and characters in great detail created by their authors.

It is a large story canvas. You do not need to create an entirely new story universe from scratch like Frank Herbert (Dune), Issac Asimov (Foundation) or Tolkien (Lord of the Rings) did. It must have taken them years to create theirs while spinning their story at the same time. With Unity Macroverse, you can focus more on your story itself. Your story does not have to be purely a sci-fi one. It could also be drama, comedy, or like my short story “Abadi”, which some people say that it is horror (it is not horror).

UNITY Macroverse Story Canvas March 2021
The vast story canvas of the Unity Macroverse that has become the backdrop for original stories and for many contributing authors of all ages, in alternate reality setting and centred on Malaysian characters.