We survived 2020…

Hello UNITEERS, hello from the brink of the arrival of a new year, a new beginning for us all. This past year has seen how challenging the environment we find ourselves in, and it continues to this day and possibly well into the new year.

This year has seen many like us creating plans and executing and changing it midstream, as we strive to continue creating the ability to eke out whatever we can to keep afloat and continue churning out great local stories from our group of very talented storytellers.  We could not have made it through the year without all your support and continued assistance in ensuring the Story continues to be written and distributed.

We have been busy this year with the Mission of “Getting the word out”. This has continued to be the main thrust of our activity and we foresee that it will continue to be the same for the immediate future. Through this Mission we have been actively engaging with numerous communities within our original targeted group, but as we went along in 2020, some very surprising communities emerged.

The original targeted community that extends from its centre at Amcorp Mall continued to be engaged, in fact we were there all throughout the year, however with mixed results. This was mostly due to the restrictions imposed by the Movement Control Order. Ensuring that we followed the SOP, we continued with our presence there. This ensured that we were consistent in providing much needed engagement to the community.

Our first engagement with a community other than Amcorp were the College Communities. All throughout our engagement with this Group back in 2019 we were solely focused on the Design and Creative discipline. The engagement took the form of involvement in the creating of more stories or related ‘Story Canvas’ components. This continued with a few other engagements, again with the College community of Design and Creative, until we were approached by a College that wanted our community experience to to share and engage their Marketing students. We began by participating in the student’s Marketing project, sharing experiences we had gone through with our community. This sharing of experience with our College community will hopefully carry through into 2021.

The discovery of new communities continues throughout the year, and we corrected our course and began to re-look at how businesses and consumers had changed due to the Pandemic restrictions. This we postulated would help us to realise our main Mission and to change our approach where necessary. We saw what the current pandemic situation had done to consumer confidence and the reduction in foot traffic in our physical locations. Thankfully, we began phase two of our Mission where we approached local communities. We began by bringing the economic activities down to street corner level. This enabled us to tap into a growing local economic segment and the ability to localise our reach due to the extensive reach our current community members had.

New content meantime is continuing unabated with the pending closure of Season2 of our UNITY Macroverse Saga through the publication of #13 Awakenings Part 2 which should appear soon. In the meantime, the story continues. Keep the faith.

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