What’s New for December 2020!!

UNITY is Growing!!

The UNITY Community grew for both these months not only through the increase of story submissions by members of our community but also the inclusion of new partners in getting the message of UNITY out into the market.

New Partners SCENI & Jasema Enterprise from November & December 2020

SCENI Co-Working Space and Events
We’re excited to announce the availability of Unity Macroverse materials at  SCENI Kelana Jaya . SCENI is a co-working and event space run by creatives with a passion for developing a sustainable ecosystem for the arts and everything related! Do check them out as their offerings are chill, and also very affordable! Work space, event space, recording studio, and various others!

Another great initiative by Jasema Enterprise for the Taman Tun Dr. Ismail community, which we are very pleased to be part of! Residents now have direct access to our range of publications – from Micro Stories, Comics, Short Stories and even our Tabletop Wargame and scaled models. Upcoming community events and activities will be announced soon!

UNITY Macroverse was invited to the Georgetown Literary Festival 2020

Unity Macroverse made an appearance at the recent George Town Literary Festival, thanks to a collaboration with Gerakbudaya and Swadaya MY, which was held on the 28th of November 2020 via Zoom ✌️😉

We dove into our experiences in “Collaborative Community Worldbuilding and Storytelling” through this 90-minute session.  It was a thoroughly engaging session and took the opportunity to introduce the UNITY Macroverse Community to like-minded members of the local literary world

Georgetown Literary Festival 2020

Meanwhile...on the UNITY Macroverse Story Canvas front..

Marooned Part 1 Free Reading
Yes..it’s true. We have converted our Marooned Part 1 in Digital Format for you and it’s FREE!! View it here!! : https://unitymacroverse.com/free-marooned-pt1/
Why??? Because we want to share our 1st anniversary with you and your continued support to our community. It has been a truly eventful one year. A global Pandemic no less, but the tough and challenging conditions continue to push the community forward. 
UNITY Macroverse Drifters Part 2 Free Preview
Read Unity Macroverse’s latest story, Drifters, part 2 
This free preview is made possible by #CENDANACreateNow #CENDANAMalaysia

Latest Graphic Novel release - Drifters 2

Picking up from where Drifters (Part 1) left off … the UNE administration is caught off guard from the incident at the Canton Trade Hub Station. Rescue operations are stalled, as coordination efforts from the Station are nearly impossible. Tensions flare as the source of the explosion is being investigated – with the interrogation of the detained suspect which produces strange results.
And more importantly, what ever happened to the missing children on lifeboat 138?