What’s New For July 2020!!

We have been busy this month with the release of our new Short Story “Revelations”, a continuation of the “Sik” Saga. Get it HERE !!

evelations Malaysian Sci-Fi Short Story

The completion of the Children’s competition has garnered many requests for the stories.   We have now compiled all the stories into a new Children’s Compilation Volume 2.  You can get it HERE !!

Children Sci-Fi Malaysian Short story Vol 2.jpg

All is not well in the Commonwealth of the United Nations of Earth, as its unity is being tested. A shadowy community that has been around for a while now, has finally made its move. How does this impact the overall landscape and humanity’s desire to move forward together?  Get your copy HERE!!

Traders Malaysian Sci-Fi Short Story



Our Junior Authors are back! The “Pastel Worker” Lim Sir Woei returns with Part 3 of wildly popular “Battle with the Kris”, while a new S.T.AR writer, Daniel Mikhael Omar brings us “The Alien Attacker”, with illustration assistance by Amanda Tan. Another new Junior Author, Alya Humaira Ahmad Fadli, hailing from Penang, presents her short story “A Lesson Learned”.

Be inspired!

Get it HERE!!

Children Sci-Fi Malaysian Short Story Vol 3

Jo’s adventures as a pre-teen continues! While he gets ready to embark on “a new life”, his relationship with “the geng” strains. Meanwhile, James, his homedrone – struggles to understand the nuances of human behaviour. Pakcik Jamal reveals “something cool” to the gang before Jo departs. How will all this play out in the overarching Unity Macroverse story canvas? Grab a copy of “Rembau Part Two” and find out! 🙂  HERE!!

Rembau 2 Malaysian Sci-Fi Short Stories