Children’s Short Story Writing Competition with PUAK – Announcing the Winner!!


After almost two weeks of reviews and evaluation, we’ve finally come up with the winning short story submission for the Children’s Short Story Writing Competition, conducted in collaboration with PUAK Payong, the NGO that focuses on empowering children. After much consideration, we have decided the winner for this competition to be ….

Aisyah Sumayyah Mohd Alif Amin (12 years old)

with her short story entitled “Lapan Orang Gadis dan Pulau Misteri” (or “Eight Teenage Girls and the Mysterious Island”, of which we have included a translated English version). Congratulations Aisyah Sumayyah! The Grand Prize of RM500 is yours!

This story is being included in our “Unity Macroverse Children’s Collection Volume 2”, since the library at the Canton Trade Hub Space Station also carries titles in Earth-based languages other than just English, no? 

Anyway, to accompany her story, we have selected 3 other submissions to be included, as follows :-
1. “Segitiga Bermuda : Perkampungan Raksasa” by Mohd Safuan Ehsan Mohd (10)
2. “Katak Betina Yang Sombong” by Achmad Ferdian Akbar Fahrizal Birri (12), and
3. Himpunan Puisi (a selection of 3 poems) by Arissa Afeefa Sabiahmad (11)

Congratulations to our four young writers! In addition to a complimentary copy of the book for each published author, every future sale of the book will include royalties to each of them too!

We hope that this competition has spurred interest in writing and storytelling among children, and look forward to similar activities in the near future, after fine-tuning and adjusting accordingly based on what we’ve learned in carrying out this first one. Once again, we would like to thank PUAK Payong for the opportunity to work together in making this competition happen, and look forward to bigger and better ones soon!