Armada Releases Scenario 2 : Vanguard of Canton Line

UNITY Armada is proud to present a brand new scenario that can be played together with the Folio Game.

This scenario is a follow up to the initial scenario and is now available due to the release of the latest graphic novel : #10 Fog of War Part 2

This scenario also includes new ship classes and model.

Play with bigger and powerful 3D printed Cruisers! Comes with:
– 3x MACS Cruiser (4 hexes size)
– 1x UNES Cruiser (4 hexes size)

Armada canton line sci-fi tabletop game

Play out either as MACS or UNES in defending the ‘Vanguard of Canton Line’! Taken straight from ‘Fog of War’ graphic novel, relive the moment as the MACS marches to victory while UNES defends their line. Comes with:

– Scenario reference sheet (with cruiser chart sheet).
– ‘Vanguard of Canton Line’ Poster.

Get it HERE!!