What’s New for June 2020?

Welcome June 2020!! We have been very busy. So have the community!!

Our First Contact Main story arc Chapter 2 continues with #11 Retribution Part 2.  Further stories about how the Rangers will execute their mission through several unforeseen incidents.

Two new Short Stories are also presented in June 2020, with #4 Sik the continuation of this thriller which began back in the 1950’s in Malaya. Get it HERE!!

#5 ROGER, the prequel to Marooned where many questions are answered. We find the characters in Marooned appear as main characters in ROGER.  Get it HERE!! 

#8 Paradise gets it’s upgrade from Micros to a mini. Congratulations to Anderson Ee a contributing member of UNITY.

Dave Liew’s Regenerate rolls-out its second micro in the series. Get the continuing Micro story!!

Introducing Jason Ng another new contributor to the UNITY Macroverse canvas with his Micro Story on the UNES Malaya.  Get it here!!

“Battle with Kris” continues with part 3 of the series. 

New Malaysian Sci-Fi Story June 2020

This month we are releasing our Story tellers Recommended Reading Order (RRO) for the UNITY stories.  These cover our released stories up to June 2020.

As we introduce additional stories into the canvas, we will release additional RRO’s to guide you through the most optimal reading order.

In June, we will continuously refine our UNITY Credit offering.  We have added in more activities within our UNITY Community that will garner UNITY Credits for you to utilise.

UNITY Points Malaysian Sci-Fi Stories

“Paradise” is the 8th series of Micro Stories from the Unity Macroverse that have been concluded and elevated to a Mini Story. Paradise is set during the “alternate reality Malayan Emergency” period, and is an “origin story” of the Malayan Rangers as featured in the Graphics Novels series.

Click here to get your copy!!