UNITY Story Jam Session

Our UNITY 2nd Story Jam Session concluded recently. It was well received. We’ve have weaved the Story Jam input into our latest Short Story, “Sik”!  The amount of contributors this time around has been very encouraging.  We hope to make it a periodic session.

Input from the following individuals have been incorporated…

Peter Lowm 12 Sentences
Rashdan Ramlee 4 Sentences
Mohd Izzat 2 Sentences
Geeta Pats 3 Sentences
Saifol Shamlan 5 Sentences
Dave Liew 8 Sentences
Reza Azmi 2 Sentences
Chevalier Delaisse 8 Sentences
Nur Ruhizan 7 Sentences
Chow Fook Cheong 8 Sentences
Adely Ariffin 3 Sentences

Unity credits will be awarded accordingly. These points will be reflected in your UNITEER account.  To find out how you can participate and become a UNITEER, click here : Get Started with Unity Macroverse

Many thanks to everyone who took part! For input that was not included into Sik, fret not… there will be more opportunities in upcoming jams! In the mean time, there are plenty of Short Stories, Graphic Novels, and Micro/Mini Stories from the Unity Macroverse to explore!

Stay tuned for more UNITY Story Jam Session.  To get your copy of Sik : Click here : https://esachannel.com/product/short-story-4-sik/

Sik Malaysian Sci-Fi Short Story Jam Session