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To get you started, we’ve prepared a short introduction video to give you an understanding on what we have done.

What is the Unity Macroverse?

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The Unity Macroverse Malaysian Sci-Fi story is a large canvas that was created with the intention of inviting and engaging like-minded individuals, groups, organisations, etc., to participate and contribute to a world-building experience.  The premise was created within the genre of Science- Fiction with the intention of encouraging interest in this area.

The premise of Science-Fiction is coupled with and Alternate Timeline that goes back to the 13th Century and is centred around Asia.  The fundamental “what if” in UNITY relates to the Treasure Ships of the Ming Dynasty which is further elaborated in the following UNITY wiki.  Click here to find out more about the UNITY History!!!

The central characters in UNITY are Asian but is focused within the region of South East Asia. We commenced our story telling of the UNITY Universe through Graphic Novels.  The intention was to allow an easier flow into the story canvas that we were building.  Most of the major characters were introduced in the first three Graphic Novels through Marooned, these were followed up with the other five titles. 

As the Graphic Novels progressed we began to introduce other story medium with lowered barriers to enter as we saw that Community was beginning to insist on participating in growing the story canvas.  We eventually ended up with Micro Stories, and eventually to the Short Stories.

If you would like to know more about the Graphic Novels, Click Here!!  

Marooned 2nd Ed Malaysian Sci-Fi Story
Marooned Compilation Volume 1
Journey's End Unity Macroverse Malaysian Sci-Fi
#4 Journey's End Part 1
Fog of War Unity Macroverse Malaysian Sci-Fi Story
#5 Fog of War Part 1
Retribution Unity Macroverse Malaysian Sci-Fi Story
#6 Retribution Part 1
Drifters Unity Macroverse Malaysian Sci-Fi Story
#7 Drifters Part 1
Awakenings Unity Macroverse
#8 Awakenings Part 1
Each of these titles intersect with each other and are based on a larger story arc which will end towards the middle of 2020.

The story of the main arc of the UNITY Macroverse is arranged in Chapters and will be represented when each story reaches a event milestone and will be presented in “Volume compilation” format.  The first Volume is in fact the ‘Prologue” to the main story arc.  Upon conclusion of the 1st main story milestone, Volume 2 will be created, which is “Chapter 1”.  This will continue until the penultimate end to the 1st part of the main story arc.

Apart from the current Graphic novels, UNITY will also be launching community contributed content in many other forms.  The current form which has just been launched are known as Microstories.

With the release of Chapter Two titles namely #9 Journey’s End Part 2 and  #10 Fog of War Part 2 , we have prepared an illustration of our Recommended Story Reading Order to guide you through the best way to follow the ever expanding UNITY story canvas.

We also strongly recommend reading the Short stories shown in the illustration to give you additional depth to the graphic novels. These are in reading order  Short Story #1 – Rembau  ,  Short Story #3 – School Run  and  Short Story #5 – ROGER 

Malaysian Sci-Fi Story reading guide
Unity Microstory Malaysian Sci-Fi StoryMicrostories are approximately 500-word stories set in the Unity Macroverse Malaysian Sci-Fi Story.  They are created as an entry point for contributing community members who are keen to participate in the story-telling portion of UNITY.  The intention of Microstories is to build upon the main story canvas by filling-in potentially:
  • Origin stories
  • Expansion of the Graphic Novel story line
  • Introduction of new Story concepts within UNITY Canvas.
  • Introduction of possible new Graphic Novel titles
  • Creation of UNITY story compendiums

Each Microstory evolves into a Mini Story, which in turn will create a Short Story which happens when the word count reaches between 50,000 to 75,000 words.  Eventually, those titles that are popular might even be considered for a separate Novel line.

New Microstories are created weekly, as well as its compilation into a Mini Story monthly.  These Microstories are designed to complement the existing mainline of the Graphic titles and to show how the UNITY Macroverse canvas is alive beyond the main story arc.  To view the titles that are available you can click here.

The UNITY Macroverse story telling medium continues upwards from the mini which is typically a compilation of minimally two mini stories that have garnered a good following and deserves to be upgraded into a short.

The culmination of various micro and mini story titles, are in the form of Short Stories… which are the “complete story” for each title.   Click Here to Find out more about our Short Stories.

Short Stories Malaysian Sci-Fi Unity Macroverse

Other Story-telling mediums in the Unity Macroverse?

Yes, as we continue our Journey, there will be new mediums that we will introduce to allow more community members to participate and contribute to our UNITY.  Rest assured, every new product launched in UNITY will include our community involvement.

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How do I get involved?

Unity macroverse College Sci-Fi Community Contribution into the World-building experience comes in many different forms, to give you some ideas on what these could be:

1. Story-Telling : Microstories, full blown Graphic Novels, Radio plays, animated shorts, illustrations and many others

2. Design & Model Creations : Characters, ships, installations, diorama, clothes, F & B and others

3. Games : Board games, Live Action Role-Play and others

Community contributors will all be compensated depending on the degree of involvement and the complexity of the offering.  The compensations are generally royalty payments that are given based on the successful sale of the contribution.

Submission of ideas and request can be made via our email at contact@unitymacroverse.com.  We will respond to your request to participate as promptly as possible. You can also read details on how to get started here : Get Started with Unity Macroverse

Future plans for the Unity Macroverse?

Unity Macroverse Community

We are constantly evolving as the future is never a certainty.  We continue evolving in the direction that the community takes us.  You drive the story!!  Unity Macroverse Malaysian Sci-Fi Story canvas is in your hands.  Become a UNITEER by dropping us a line and enrolling as a subscriber today!!.