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To get you started, we’ve prepared a short introduction video to give you an understanding on what we have done.

 Hello UNITEERS!! We have news!!

 We have begun converting the UNITY Stories to Novel format. We have selling it on   Amazon US.

 The first Book was out last month.

 Book 1 : ‘Marooned’

 Book 2: ‘Journey’s End’

 These are available in eBook and paperback, but unfortunately only on Amazon.

 However, If you are keen for a copy of the Paperback let us know so we can add you   to the pool for centralized group-buy from the U.S. RM60 each (excluding local delivery   to you), which is far cheaper if you were to get it direct from Amazon.

  Click here to place your order with us!!


Marooned, pt. 1 is now available for free!

Yes it is! Click here to view latest free chapter from UNITY Macroverse!

Drifters, pt. 2 is now available for free!

Check out UNITY Macroverse’s latest story Drifters’s preview for FREE!

What is the Unity Macroverse?

Listen to the podcast by clicking on the BFM logo (Nov. 2019)
January 2020 The Star Online
Interview feature

The Unity Macroverse Malaysian Sci-Fi story is a large canvas that was created with the intention of inviting and engaging like-minded individuals, groups, organisations, etc., to participate and contribute to a world-building experience.  The premise was created within the genre of Science- Fiction with the intention of encouraging interest in this area.

The premise of Science-Fiction is coupled with and Alternate Timeline that goes back to the 13th Century and is centred around Asia.  The fundamental “what if” in UNITY relates to the Treasure Ships of the Ming Dynasty which is further elaborated in the following UNITY wiki.  Click here to find out more about the UNITY History!!!

The central characters in UNITY are Asian but is focused within the region of South East Asia. We commenced our story telling of the UNITY Universe through Graphic Novels.  The intention was to allow an easier flow into the story canvas that we were building.  Most of the major characters were introduced in the first three Graphic Novels through Marooned, these were followed up with the other five titles. 

As the Graphic Novels progressed we began to introduce other story medium with lowered barriers to enter as we saw that Community was beginning to insist on participating in growing the story canvas.  We eventually ended up with Micro Stories, and eventually to the Short Stories.

If you would like to know more about the Graphic Novels, Click Here!!  

UNITY Macroverse Story Canvas March 2021
UNITY Macroverse Story Canvas consisting of Micro, Mini, Short Stories and Graphic Novels @ March 2021

The Unity Macroverse : Broad Canvas, Different Perspectives

Future plans for the Unity Macroverse?

Unity Macroverse Community

We are constantly evolving as the future is never a certainty.  We continue evolving in the direction that the community takes us.  You drive the story!!  Unity Macroverse Malaysian Sci-Fi Story canvas is in your hands.  Become a UNITEER by dropping us a line and enrolling as a subscriber today!!.