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This is where you will find all things UNITY!!.   From participating as contributors (Here!!)   to buying and immersing yourself in the UNITY macroverse ( Here!! )  and generally keeping up with our many community activities ( Here!! ) you can be assured that no days are the same in UNITY as it’s meant to be. 

To get you started, we’ve prepared a short introduction video to give you an understanding on what we have done.

Get started by participating in UNITY Macroverse's STORY JAM!! and contribute to the story canvas!!

Unity Story Jam Session
Join us as a Story Teller in UNITY!!

What are “Story Jams”? It is the UNITY way of reaching out to storytellers. We make it easy for you to story tell without the unnecessary addition on processes and methodology which usually prohibits good storytellers to share, we lower the barriers for you. Our Story jam will engage you to release your stories in the medium that is most suitable for you. There are no charges, its FREE!!, because UNITY is a Community of storytellers. So what are you waiting for, come join us!!

Join us by participating in creating stories through our Story Jam sessions. We conduct the Story Jam sessions via:

1. Physical location, where we will arrange for a meet up once we have enough numbers at your time and venue which suits you.
2. Virtual, or we can have online participation with a small group.

The resulting stories will be embedded within our Story Canvas in either, Short Stories, Comics, a hybrid of both or maybe if we are adventurous enough into a novel. As with the other stories and contributions, royalties will be paid out on the sale of the story, we are after all a community.
So, if you are keen, click on the link below and fill up the form and we will contact you to arrange for a session, of if you’d like gather a group of friends and we can do a larger group contribution.


UNITY Macroverse "FIRST CONTACT" Saga in now Novelised and available for purchase.

The “FIRST CONTACT” Series Paperback is now available in our Webstore. To get your copy, click HERE!!

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Great news for sci-fi lovers!
The first 3 parts of the FIRST CONTACT story arc from the UNITY Macroverse is now available in paperback format! Previously only available on amazon for worldwide distribution (and a bit more costly for local purchase), we are pleased to announce LOCAL AVAILABILITY at a reasonable and fair price!
These three books are the novelisations of previously-published graphic novels and short stories, combined and interlinked and even updated – with deeper details not previously expressed in their prior formats!
“Marooned” (208 pages) is Book 1 in the “First Contact” Series from the Unity Macroverse. Explore key characters as well as numerous locations across the Solar System including sprawling independent settlements throughout the asteroid belt.
“Journey’s End” (218 pages) is Book Two, picking up after Book One, “Marooned”.
“Fog of War” (280 pages) is Book Three from the same series and continues the story after “Journey’s End’.
“Retribution” (220 pages) is Book 4 from the series.
CLICK HERE to order with us!

The “First Contact” novels are also avaliable for downloads from SHOPEE in both eBook formats and paperback. You can visit the SHOPEE site by clicking below:


The novels are also available at AMAZON, also in both eBook and Paperback formats.
To purchase click below:

Book 1: “Marooned”
Book 2: “Journey’s End”
Book 3: “Fog of War”
Book 4: “Retribution”


Don’t be!!, we know and understand your predicament well. Storytelling contribution from communities is new in Malaysia, where you get multiple contributors working on a single story, it’s challenging but fun. You never know where the story will eventually end or begin. We will help each other as more stories are developed, we will curate and find its place within the “Main Story Canvas” which is the “FIRST CONTACT” Saga which is represented in the Novels above. That is the anchor of the UNITY Story Canvas. All other contributions will find its was to plug into either the Main story or origin which is before or mini stories within.

You can choose to either follow the Novels, thus immersing yourself in the Main story before you decide on how your contribution of stories will end up in or follow through the stories as we build it up via our Graphic Novels and Short Stories, which are community created. the choice is yours.

If you decide to begin via the Novels, the link to purchase them are in the link above, or if you decide on going through the adventurous route of the latter, the best would be to join us as a subscriber where every month you receive the story packs, created to enable you to follow the story. To subscribe just click on this link : YES!! I WOULD LIKE TO SUBSCRIBE!!
For those who, are keen to pick and choose which story resonates with them then the path would be directly to our UNITY Store front where you can choose which story to start. The Recommended reading order will show you the path to read. The link to the storefront is here : YES!! TAKE ME TO THE UNITY STORE NOW!!


first contact story canvas
Short Story Canvas


The recommended stories are numbered as the Stories are received and created. If you enjoy growing within the Story Canvas, then follow the numbered Short Stories and Graphic Novels. Our story tellers sends us stories in many different formats which we convert into either Short Stories or Graphic Novels.

The current main story canvas is now available in Paperback and ebook formats. However, this format only covers the First Contact Saga and not the entirety of the Story Canvas, it gives you the basis of the UNITY Macroverse. Thank you for your support and contribute by contacting us via email or Whatsapp.

UNITY Reading Order 2022 Chapter 1

For our Foreign friends....who are keen to follow;

We haven’t forgotten you. We have converted all our Graphic novels and Short Stories into Novel format and are available online via renowned international retailers. The FIRST CONTACT Saga is currently available eBook and Paperback versions through these links below, check them out;

Book 1 – Marooned
Book 2 – Journeys End

Book 3 – Fog of War

Book 4 – Retribution

Join us by getting your copies and we invite your contribution of stories as well to grow our story canvas. Engage us by PM. Enjoy and welcome to the community!!


What is the Unity Macroverse?

Listen to the podcast by clicking on the BFM logo (Nov. 2019)
January 2020 The Star Online
Interview feature

The Unity Macroverse Malaysian Sci-Fi story is a large canvas that was created with the intention of inviting and engaging like-minded individuals, groups, organisations, etc., to participate and contribute to a world-building experience.  The premise was created within the genre of Science- Fiction with the intention of encouraging interest in this area.

The premise of Science-Fiction is coupled with and Alternate Timeline that goes back to the 13th Century and is centred around Asia.  The fundamental “what if” in UNITY relates to the Treasure Ships of the Ming Dynasty which is further elaborated in the following UNITY wiki.  Click here to find out more about the UNITY History!!!

The central characters in UNITY are Asian but is focused within the region of South East Asia. We commenced our story telling of the UNITY Universe through Graphic Novels.  The intention was to allow an easier flow into the story canvas that we were building.  Most of the major characters were introduced in the first three Graphic Novels through Marooned, these were followed up with the other five titles. 

As the Graphic Novels progressed we began to introduce other story medium with lowered barriers to enter as we saw that Community was beginning to insist on participating in growing the story canvas.  We eventually ended up with Micro Stories, and eventually to the Short Stories.

If you would like to know more about the Graphic Novels, Click Here!!  

UNITY Macroverse Story Canvas March 2021
UNITY Macroverse Story Canvas consisting of Micro, Mini, Short Stories and Graphic Novels @ March 2021

The Unity Macroverse : Broad Canvas, Different Perspectives

Future plans for the Unity Macroverse?

Unity Macroverse Community

We are constantly evolving as the future is never a certainty.  We continue evolving in the direction that the community takes us.  You drive the story!!  Unity Macroverse Malaysian Sci-Fi Story canvas is in your hands.  Become a UNITEER by dropping us a line and enrolling as a subscriber today!!.